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Mid Life and it's craziness....empty nest, retirement, health concerns, elder care, career change, you name it...either we've been there, done that, or we're headed in that direction! I knew my direction had to change when all of the above happened to me in a very short time frame. Read on to know more about me.....

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All first sessions are FREE! It's best we get to know each other so we make sure we are a good fit. Beyond that, coaching with me is via tele-session; that way no matter where you're located; I'm just a phone call away!

ALIVE & Well !

New Life at Mid Life has started workshops!!! I am currently running a wellness workshop called Alive & Well. It has a focus on balancing a mindful diet and lifestyle. Contact me for more information!! And just stop by and leave a comment to let me know you visited. Have a day filled with what makes you smile :)